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"Live at Revolution Hall" 2019 (on Bandcamp)


 MICHAEL SHAY (from "Like a River: The Songs of Jim Harris"  2017)
Like A River         Desire

TEXAS EXPRESS  (from "Disfruteria" 2012)
Portrait of a Heroine              The Birds Do Sing

 THE JUST DESSERTS (from various CD's 2008-2010 - Michael on cello)
La Valentina         El Choclo         Yakuchimba/Juyanimari         Opsa

MICHAEL SHAY BAND (electric, live recordings 2005-2007) 
Time Plays a Funny Game        Christian Name        Lilly Marie  (by Matt Fockler)

 MICHAEL SHAY DEBUT (from "Lines of Darkness Lines of Light" 2004)
Libra         Waterloo        Willows Tune (w/ Anais Mitchell)



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