The AUDIO PLAYER below a duet with Anaïs Mitchell, Texas-Ecuadorian fusion with The Just Desserts, Catalan re-imaginings with Cyril Neville, the original bluegrass-country-folk of Texas Express, and Shay's Gnawa-inspired take on the “lost songs” of William Blake.

In the twenty years since Michael Shay released his debut  singer/songwriter record, he’s lived and collaborated outside the USA as much as in it, releasing several albums as bandleader of world-fusion, Americana, classical crossover and rock ensembles.  

Coming full circle after two decades, 2024 sees the release of "Motherland," a new orchestral folk album of original songs exploring themes of land, class, family, migration, seasons and escape, featuring Shay on guitars, cello, mandola, bass, and vocals.  The songs of Motherland will be released one-by-one as singles over the first several months of 2024, leading up to a Summer 2024 solo tour of the Western USA.

In addition to his earliest influences in Suzanne Vega, Robert Hunter and Townes Van Zandt, on “Motherland” you might also hear echos of Greg Brown, Neil Young, Gillian Welch, John Prine, and even Leonard Cohen who once sent a compliment of a cover of “Suzanne” in which Shay had altered a lyric, saying it was “a better line anyway!”

Curious about HOSTING A HOUSE CONCERT? on the 2024 tour? 

The Gospel According to a Mariner

Michael Shay


The Gospel According to a Mariner

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The first single from the new album "Motherland," to be released song-by-song over the first months of 2024. Shay on guitars, cello, mandola, voice, whisltin'. Also available on Bandcamp at

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