Check out this *DEMO/Alternate Version* of First World Problem, a new song from the forthcoming EP! 
And hit the PLAY button on the player at the bottom of this page to hear bunch of Michael Shay "greatest hits" of 20 years....

For more than two decades, Michael Shay has combined North American and international music styles, surprising audiences at every turn. As a vocalist, songwriter, cellist, producer, multi-media and music-therapy collaborator, cultural ambassador, and pedagogue, Shay's projects never cease to broaden horizons and blur borders.

In 2022, Shay is back to performing as singer-songwriter, often accompanied by the innovative kora playing of Will Dudley who doubles on guitars.

STAY TUNED for the release of the new EP, "First World Problem", featuring 5 new songs recorded in Austin, Texas, with Will Dudley (kora), Ryan Hagler (bass), Doug Marcis (drums), and Alex Coke (alto flute).

As cellist in world music accordion-cello duo The Just Desserts, kora-cello-trumpet-percussion ensemble The Koratet, and as singer-songwriter/guitarist leading his country-folk/bluegrass band The Texas Express, Shay released multiple albums and performed in Canada, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Germany, France, Denmark, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica and the United States.  He has worked as a cultural ambassador in Ecuador and Colombia, performing and leading workshops under the auspices of the US State Department.  

For 15 years, Shay directed an early-childhood music school which he established in Austin, Texas, later going on to coordinate the Community Music Center for the City of Portland, Oregon from 2019- 2021. He continues to mentor a select group of international students as a private instructor.

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