After a successful 2023 solo tour of house concerts, BBQ's, and potluck parties, it's time to plan my Summer 2024 tour in the Rockies/West Coast to include as many of these types of events as possible.  House Concerts are simply the most meaningful, rewarding, and unique experiences that artists and audiences can share.  Music serves as a special occasion for folks to come together casually, allowing friends, neighbors, and family to enjoy each other's company and get know each other better - while supporting independent artists to continue to do what we do - for the sake of community itself.

My Videos page features house concert performances from 2023, including one video of a full show where you can see how much storytelling, audience interaction, sing-alongs, and laughter are part of these events.

If you are curious about hosting such an event, just about anything goes, so plase drop me a line if you'd like to discuss the possibilities.  If you think you can get a minimum of 15-20 people together for a suggested donation to the artists (@$20), that's all it takes to make it possible to share some music with you and yours.

Here's the routing/schedule for 2024 tour: