Check out this sampling of tracks from The Just Desserts' CD releases:

La Valentina       El Choclo        Yakuchimba/Juyanimari         Opsa

2006- present.   As “curators of delightful musical delicacies from every corner of the globe,” The Just Desserts have explored repertoire and rhythms from dozens of different countries, reinterpreting and sometimes re-envisioning any music that catches their attention. Centered around the unique pairing of accordion and cello, their always-evolving, deeply original sound includes elements of Latin, Balkan, tango, Americana, pan-European, western classical, Indian, Klezmer, jazz, blues, electronica, and Arabic music. Through a sophisticated and fun framing and blending of the essence of each individual musical tradition, the universality and diversity of the world's greatest music is made profoundly accessible to diverse audiences the world over.   watch videos


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